At ProNordic,We stand on our two feet,with one foot in Kunshan and one foot in Scandinavia. This allows us to understand the fundamentals of the e-bike business and provide the best e-bike solutions.

Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Kunshan business region,not far from Shanghai international airports and travel connection. In this location, nearby the development and manufacturing of our suppliers, we have direct access to new technology platforms and know-how,allowing us to design and deliver the right e-bike solutions according to the specification of our customers.

We intend to provide to best products, while incorporating efficient and smart logistics and manufacturing solutions for the benefit of our customers and business partners. This is possible through our network of supplier contacts and collaborations in the e-bike industry. Our crew consists of highly devoted e-bike specialists and many of us have more than 10 years of experience from the e-bikes business.



At ProNordic (China e-bike supplier) we take pride in our Scandinavian roots and heritage of hard work and skilled craftsmanship.

Our extensive collaborations with Scandinavian customers and our Swedish-based service center has over the years given us vital knowledge and understanding of the importance of delivering high quality products. An e-bike is only as strong and reliable as its weakest link and this is why we are dedicated to go the extra mile – to ensure highest quality , performance and reliability for our customers. This is achieved at ProNordic by given each e-bike leaving our facilities some extra time spent. In the long run we know this is beneficial both for us and our customers.

We are not satisfied with only delivering high quality custom made products – we also strive to provide our customers with dedicated services and support functions. For example, via our European service center located in Gothenburg, Sweden, our customers are able to reach us anytime , from anywhere, and our experienced engineers will respond to your technical questions on the spot.

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At ProNordic we strive to achieve more energy efficient and less polluting transport solution by providing smart and innovative e-bikes,which are a thrill to ride! Especially for urban areas, we believe the mode of transportation provided by e-bikes has a significant role to play in a future world with more developed sustainable transport systems.   

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We would be happy to welcome you to visit the ProNordic manufacturing facility for a cup of coffee or tea, and to guide and present for you our e-bike platforms and production lines. Welcome to ProNordic .          

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