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Pronordic E-bikes Company Limited

Address: No. 135, Xinhong Road, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province

Internet: www.pronordicebikes.com

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kyd@pronordicebikes.com, +86 18112671029 / +86 15858929804

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Junxian Hua, 华军贤 销售 sales manager +86 18112671029 kyd@pronordicebikes.com Sharon Chen, 陈洋 财务 Economy +86 15370764689 sharon@pronordicebikes.com Lipin Wang, 王利品 技术 Chief Engineer +86 18112671028 lipin@pronordicebikes.com
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Yanhua Zhuo, 卓艳华 采购部 Purchasing +86 18914955546 yanhua@pronordicebikes.com Li Fei, 李飞 采购部 Purchasing +86 15312156481 lifei@pronordicebikes.com Liang Zhen, 范良珍 仓管 Spare parts +86 15151671717 liangzhen@pronordicebikes.com
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Qingjiu Zhao, 赵庆九 生产部 Production +86 18237567956 qingjiu@pronordicebikes.com Ming Li, 李明 技术部 Engineer +86 13918354521 liming@pronordicebikes.com Fei Zhang, 张飞 技术部 /售后 Engineer & After sales +86 15895461468 zhangfei@pronordicebikes.com
Will Zhao, 赵伟锋 销售 Sales +86 18112671029 will@pronordicebikes.com

About us

At ProNordic we strive to achieve more energy efficient and less polluting transport solution by providing smart and innovative e-bikes,which are a thrill to ride! Especially for urban areas, we believe the mode of transportation provided by e-bikes has a significant role to play in a future world with more developed sustainable transport systems.   

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We would be happy to welcome you to visit the ProNordic manufacturing facility for a cup of coffee or tea, and to guide and present for you our e-bike platforms and production lines. Welcome to ProNordic .          

Address: No. 9, huayuan Road, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province


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Fax: 0512-57298556
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