Flex röd


Reinforced Aluminium 6061


Distance 40/50 +kms under the PAS


Tektro V-brakes front/ Shimano coaster brake rear


Shimano inner gear Nexus 3 gears


King-co 36V 10Ah


8FUN 250W brushless, rear motor

Fork / suspension

Fixed fork, Aluminium or steel

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About us

At ProNordic we strive to achieve more energy efficient and less polluting transport solution by providing smart and innovative e-bikes,which are a thrill to ride! Especially for urban areas, we believe the mode of transportation provided by e-bikes has a significant role to play in a future world with more developed sustainable transport systems.   

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We would be happy to welcome you to visit the ProNordic manufacturing facility for a cup of coffee or tea, and to guide and present for you our e-bike platforms and production lines. Welcome to ProNordic .          

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