FULLY DESIGN YOUR OWN E-BIKE. Your idea our project.

design-your-ownWith our knowledge and experienced engineers we are able to provide and design fully custom made e-bikes for your company. In close collaboration and discussion with our customers and supplier partners, unique frame designs and component integration may be tailor made to meet specific customer demands.

Tell us your ideas – we deliver according to specification.


We have close collaborations with frame suppliers in China and Taiwan, and various
frame designs ready for you to select from. When we know what frame to use, you decide
which logo, branding and color to put on your e-bike.

Depending on our customers´ demand, there are endless of possibilities to design a tailor
made e-bike concept in the right price category and with the right component level.

For example, available battery types include: 36V-42V 8Ah-16Ah Li-ion. Possible battery
positions are: under the saddle, carrier mounted, or integrated. Motor alternatives include
front or rear mounted hubmotor, or middle motor drive systems.

On the following pages, some ProNordic sample products and reference customers are
shown and presented.

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At ProNordic we strive to achieve more energy efficient and less polluting transport solution by providing smart and innovative e-bikes,which are a thrill to ride! Especially for urban areas, we believe the mode of transportation provided by e-bikes has a significant role to play in a future world with more developed sustainable transport systems.   

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We would be happy to welcome you to visit the ProNordic manufacturing facility for a cup of coffee or tea, and to guide and present for you our e-bike platforms and production lines. Welcome to ProNordic .          

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