STEPS is developed with the idea of system component design. Which means that every individual component works better when the other STEPS components are also integrated in the groupset. STEPS is a pedelec system which engages when a rider is pedaling and cuts out once 25km/h is reached.
                                                                                               复件 E6000_group_image
The STEPS drive unit has a compact design and with weight of 3.1 kg, it is one of the lightest drive units in the market. The compact and lightweight design improves rider control in all conditions and is easier to handle by a wider range of riders. Talking about range, STEPS has three types of power support modes; eco, normal and high. The preferred mode can be selected by an easy to operate switch. The eco mode has a range up to 120km. Normal mode 100km and the high mode 80km*. The STEPS cycling computer gives feedback about the selected mode, battery life, riding speed, distance, etc.
Pronordic e-bike will launch new products with Steps in 2015.


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